Beta 3.0.2 - Bug Fixes

Heyo! I pushed out a small update yesterday to fix a few bugs. Also included below is the changelog for 3.0.1, which came out shortly after the Beta 3 release. Please let me know if you encounter any issues or have any other general feedback. Thanks!

  • Bug fix: Fixed bug where Zaponeer was unlocked based on sniper unlock requirements
  • Bug fix: Fixed a typo and modified some wording in Tutorial 1
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash bugs that occurred when unlocking powerups (hp/ammo/dino drops)
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug with "River 2" & "River 2b" where positioning was off on existing maps with those assets

  • Jolly Edition: Rockets now leave behind glitter instead of smoke
  • Jolly Edition: Added snow particle effect for maps in which it would normally be raining
  • Added arrow icons to "Campaign" item on main menu to indicate it can be cycled
  • A/D on kbm and left/right (analog or dpad) on gamepad can now be used to cycle current campaign
  • D-pad up/down now works on main menu navigation
  • Bug fix: Fixed bug where active campaign was not saved when playing with gamepad


TWBI - Beta 5.0.3 23 MB
Version Dec 12, 2019

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