Beta 5.0.1 – Itch Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality + Update

Hey there!

There Will Be Ink is currently part of itch’s Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality. All proceeds from the bundle will be split between the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund. In addition to supporting a very important cause during troubling times, you get over 700 (!) games if you purchase the bundle, with a minimum donation of only $5.

There is also a new small update out today as an exclusive (it will be on Steam next week). Check out the details below. Other than that I’ve been hard at work on Act II of the campaign. Tally ho!


New Features & Content

  • Blood spatter now turns to “blood water” when landing in water
    • Dissipates outward within bounds of body of water (see screenshot above)
  • Added new beach variation to Map Editor (and upcoming missions): Beach 1b

Changes & Enhancements

  • Corpses/shells/helmets/etc now sink in and disappear under water
  • Units with Defensive behaviour will now keep an eye out for danger up to a greater distance
  • Puddles will no longer generate on large bodies of water (rivers etc)
  • Oversized units (eg T-Rex) can no longer bleed out
  • Balance: Slightly reduced point cost of medic (from 30 to 25)
  • Performance: Slightly optimized collision detection with heads

Bug Fixes

  • T-Rex can no longer shoot itself
  • Fixed bug where sprite/angle for units bleeding out was sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed bug where battlefield was no longer shaded with cloudy/rainy/stormy weather
  • “There Will Be Ink” (official campaign) no longer shows up as a loadable campaign in Campaign Editor
  • Units who are parachuting will no longer go prone when hit
  • Units (particularly those in defensive mode) will no longer continue to attack incapacitated targets
  • Parachuting units are no longer drawn behind trees
  • Helmets are now always drawn over heads
  • Fixed a text spacing issue on “Tips” page


TWBI - Beta 9.1.2 25 MB
Version Jun 05, 2020

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  • Bug fix: Fixed crash bug on Tutorial 3 when Barracks is activated
  • Bug fix: Removed debug text ('0') from top left of battlefield