Beta 9.0.3

Hey there! Here is a small update containing mostly fixes and a couple small changes. Have a good weekend!


  • Engineers now put out fires
  • Pressing "Select" (gamepad) or Alt (kbm) when in grabby mode will select the nearest available unit, regardless of distance
  • The game now runs as a 64-bit app, to fix a new platform-related crash bug that was showing up in the last update


  • Fixed (another!) hero-related crash bug in tutorial 3
  • Fixed grabby hand being able to go outside the bounds of the battlefield
  • Fixed units sometimes facing the wrong way/going upside down when being controlled with gamepad
  • Fixed "Dishonourable Mention" badge not working (and fixed Dr. Death badge, for Base & Alt Medics at least)


TWBI - Beta 9.3.0 26 MB
Version Mar 11, 2022

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