Beta 9.1.2 - AI Improvements, Fixes

Hey there! I've got a smaller update today with some AI improvements and important fixes. Check out the full list below. Cheerio!


  • AI: Units will now try to avoid marked (visible + enemy) landmines (and potentially other future dangers)
  • AI: Units are better at getting to water when on fire
  • AI: Snipers will no longer move to avoid friendly fire (since they cannot friendly fire)
  • AI: Engineers should properly put out building fires before trying to repair them
  • AI: Improved squad flanking
  • Adjusted way campaign progress is saved - should copy over for existing files (may need to exit/restart game)
  • Weapon target cursor/sights now drawn while reloading
  • Added "Exit" key to end-of-battle buttons
  • Added "Hold" underlay for end-of-battle buttons (retry, barracks, etc)
  • Made end-of-battle buttons less transparent
  • T-Rex can no longer become a hero, at least not in the game
  • Disabled heroes on "Min(e)d the River"
  • Minor performance enhancements


  • Fixed bug where mission progress is sometimes not saved
  • Fixed hero-death screenshot position when zoomed in
  • Fixed bug where battle wouldn't end if only AI and neutral buildings remain
  • Fixed bug where missions with same name count as being completed
  • Fixed end-of-battle stats being semi-transparent and controls unresponsive after retreating when zoomed in
  • Fixed three-player missions not ending when player team is defeated (campaign only)
  • Fixed mission completion progress getting overwritten when changing game modes and replaying mission
  • Minor pathfinding fixes
  • Fixed some memory leaks


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Version Jul 05, 2022

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