Beta 1.0.1

Ahoy there! In this small update I've rebalanced missions 1-5 and added a new mission, called "Push it Along", to the beta campaign. I did some enhancing around parachutes and fixed several bugs as well. Full changelog below:

Features & Enhancements

  • Added new mission, "Push it Along"
  • Rebalanced missions 1-5
  • Parachuting units and crates are now slightly affected by wind
  • Updated parachute sprite and made it match team colours
  • Corpses, helmets, shells, and blood spatter now take parachute height into account
  • Falling helmets are now affected by gravity
  • Units killed by leg shots now fall forward (fixed bug where they sort of went stiff and upright)
  • Parachuting crates now fall 50% faster
  • Added unit rank icons to player GUI
  • Unit fire counter is now randomized at start of battle to avoid all units firing at once

Bug Fixes

  • Unit torso is now drawn on parachuting units (repositioned parachute sprite as well)
  • Game no longer crashes when game is paused in sunny weather
  • HQ abilities should now properly enabled to match map editor (must be unlocked to work, except in campaign mode for blue team)
  • Player controlled parachuting units are no longer pushed onto the map
  • Units can no longer enter and get stuck in destroyed buildings
  • Units with "hold position" behaviour now return to position after resupplying ammo


TWBI - Beta 5.0.3 23 MB
Version Aug 07, 2019

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