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There Will Be Ink

Stick figure armies battling in a notebook, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! · By summitfever


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Beta 6 - Tanks!
Hello, friends! There is a new build out today for There Will Be Ink. Beta 6, let’s call it. It is a big one! There are tanks, new missions, reworked controls...
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Beta 5.0.3 – Qualitah Update
Hey there, Billies! There is a new There Will Be Ink update out today, featuring mostly some quality-of-life updates. I was going to hold off until beta 5.1, wh...
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Beta 5.0.1 – Itch Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality + Update
Hey there! There Will Be Ink is currently part of itch’s Bundle for Racial Justice & Equality . All proceeds from the bundle will be split between the NAACP...
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Beta 5.0 – Major Update & Roadmap
Hey there, amigos! I’ve got a big new There Will Be Ink update out now on! The first “Act” of the main campaign is now available. The enemy this t...
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Beta 4.3 - Hopeful Edition
Oh hey there! I hope you are well. I’m calling this version of the game “There Will Be Ink: Hopeful Edition”, because it’s not likely that anyone is goi...
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Beta 4.2 - There Will Be Fire!
Hee haw! First off, I hope everyone is staying healthy out there. These are strange times. I’ve been working on a few aspects of There Will Be Ink, many of wh...
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Beta 4.1 - Fancification Update
Hey there! This update is mostly a visual one. Gone are the old, pixelated, mouse-drawn graphics of old. In their place are just short of 200 hand-drawn images...
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Beta 4.0! – Campaign Editor, Badges, Missions, Abilities, Fancification…
Oodellllally! There are quite a few new things in store this month, and we’re now on the road to version 1.0. Campaign Editor I’m not sure how much use it w...
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