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There Will Be Ink

Stick figure armies battling in a notebook, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! · By summitfever


Recent updates

Beta 2.4.0 - Flagpoles, Fixes, Pricing, and New Content!
Hey hey ho ho! Spooky season is over. On to new things! Flagpoles and Capturing Buildings First off, you may notice in this update that buildings now have a hap...
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Beta 2.3.0 - Halloween Sale, Random Maps, Quick Battles, Overheating!
There Will Be Ink is now 15% off as part of the Halloween sale! In addition to that, there is a new update for the game that is an exclusive (un...
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Beta 2.2.0 - Run Through The (Spooky) Jungle
Another week, another update! The focus this time is on general improvements along with a bit of new content, including a new campaign mission, a new river vari...
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Beta 2.1.0 - Spooky Edition!
There Will Be Ink, so spooky right now. Spooky Content I’ve added some seasonal content, as it were, to the latest update. For the remainder of October, you m...
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Beta 2.0.0
Commanderfaces! There is a new update available for There Will Be Ink. It involves some neat things like a new “Hardcore” game mode, land mines, cover adjus...
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Beta 1.2.0
Hey There! First off, thank you to everyone who has checked out There Will Be Ink! Thank you also to those who have provided feedback. It is much appreciated...
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Beta 1.1 and Steam Early Access Release!
Hello there! There Will Be Ink is now available on Steam (Early Access)! In addition to that, a new update has been released, Beta 1.1, with some interesting ne...
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Beta 1.0.1
Ahoy there! In this small update I've rebalanced missions 1-5 and added a new mission, called "Push it Along", to the beta campaign. I did some enhancing around...
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