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There Will Be Ink

Stick figure armies battling in a notebook, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! · By summitfever


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Beta 9.3 - Complete-ish Edition!
Yoohoo! I’m happy to announce that There Will Be Ink is complete. ish! All of the game’s features are in place, the campaign finished, and it feels more or...
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Beta 9.2.1 – Jolly Edition 2022!
Happy holidays and what have you, everyone! Jolly Edition is live now until the end of the month/year. There are a few smaller changes and fixes for this update...
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Beta 9.2 – Tactical Mode, Victory Screen
Hey! This update introduces a new “Tactical Mode”, which makes available a series of tooltips when the game is paused that give you more information about u...
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Beta 9.1.4 - Fixes and Such
A wee update with some fixes and minor changes: Changes Re-added Base unit promotions to Alt units Team3 colour is now fuchsia Hid new units/etc, until they're...
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Beta 9.1.3 - Spooky Under The Hood!
Hey there! Spooky season is upon us, so, naturally, for all of October (and the first several hours of November, if we want to be accurate) There Will Be Ink "...
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Beta 9.1.2 - AI Improvements, Fixes
Hey there! I've got a smaller update today with some AI improvements and important fixes. Check out the full list below. Cheerio! Changes AI: Units will now try...
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Beta 9.1.1 - Hotfix
Bug fixes:Fixed occasional crash bug when sandworms die Fixed sandworm bites not working Fixed sandworm chomper positioning Removed debug lines from tank pathfi...
Beta 9.1 – Fallen Comrades, New Missions, Skiing, QoL
Hey there! Beta 9.1 is now live. This update focuses on several quality-of-life adjustments, new missions, and the new "Fallen Comrades" page, to honor heroes k...
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As a well known modder in the old Stick Soldiers community of the early 2000s, I really got a kick out of seeing the hel...
started by KeronCyst Aug 15, 2020
4 replies
thank you for making it
started by sveny Jul 10, 2020
1 reply
hi can you add keyboard mapping settings please ? even on .INI file because i'm using french keyboard and it's horrible...
started by pierrot83 Jun 21, 2020
3 replies
Hi, i seen that there should be some early build download, but i didn't found any. Also you should consider relasing dem...
started by Klogner Jan 15, 2020
1 reply