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There Will Be Ink

Stick figure armies battling in a notebook, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! · By summitfever


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Beta 4.2 - There Will Be Fire!
Hee haw! First off, I hope everyone is staying healthy out there. These are strange times. I’ve been working on a few aspects of There Will Be Ink, many of wh...
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Beta 4.1 - Fancification Update
Hey there! This update is mostly a visual one. Gone are the old, pixelated, mouse-drawn graphics of old. In their place are just short of 200 hand-drawn images...
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Beta 4.0! – Campaign Editor, Badges, Missions, Abilities, Fancification…
Oodellllally! There are quite a few new things in store this month, and we’re now on the road to version 1.0. Campaign Editor I’m not sure how much use it w...
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Beta 3.1.2 - A Big Boring Update
Hap-py New Year! I've started the year off right-ish by fixing a couple significant memory leak bugs that I'd previously overlooked, along with some smaller bug...
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Beta 3.1.0 - Sale, Yeti, Tactical Commands, New Sounds
Hey there! There Will Be Ink is now 20% as part of the itch holiday sale. Also out today is a new update! This is a small update with a potentially big impact...
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Beta 3.0.2 - Bug Fixes
Heyo! I pushed out a small update yesterday to fix a few bugs. Also included below is the changelog for 3.0.1, which came out shortly after the Beta 3 release...
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There Will Be Ink: Jolly Edition, now live!
Hey there Billies! "Jolly Edition" seasonal content is now active in TWBI. For the most part the changes are aesthetic (a new addition may change that in the co...
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Beta 3.0!
Ahoy there, Catptains! There is a good bit going on in this update. I’ll get into the details of the bigger parts of the update before getting to the change l...
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